Thursday, March 24, 2011

Practically Mooing (and this one actually has some of MY art)

I like my steak pink, flavorful, juicy, and tender (and preferably FREE). In cooking the perfect steak, one doesn't want to under cook it, because (honestly) I can't do bleeding food. It should be dead when it is handed up to me.  Art is the same way. At least, it ought to be.

In the past I procrastinated assignments, then rushed myself, got fed up with the piece because I was tired of cramming it down my throat, then stopped caring altogether and once it was done enough to get an, "OK, fine," from a professor, it got put on the back burner with the all-too-familiar thoughts, "I never want to see it again," or "I'll finish it later. Much later." I have a huge issue finishing works that I have started! I was thinking the other day how I don't have any pieces of work I really care for in my portfolio and bemoaning my experimentalist self in college. However, looking through my ample collection of stuff, I realized I have a ton! Okay, well, several. Only none of it's done. The dirty truth: I am an over-achiever at never finishing. (Pray the BFA has better success.)

The good thing is, after being out of school almost a full year, looking back on some of these "rare" pieces I think, "Huh, I'd like to try that again. I can do that better," or, better yet, "Hey, that's not so bad, I really do want to finish that."

Here is a taste of some of my undercooked work:

The oldest. It's almost four years old.

A cover for a favorite book, The Perilous Gard (a gard is a castle). This depicts the main character, Kate, and in the background you can see the Fairy Queen, The Creature of the Well, and Christopher. Between 1.5-2 years old

I  had a hankering for an Indian-goddess type figure and her tiger. I forget what type of bird I drew, but it's a native species of India (I think)... also about 1.5-2 years old

And there's more than this! Eek.

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