Monday, August 22, 2011

Tempest Drawing

A quick drawing I did a couple days ago in black acrylic ink on watercolor paper. It was a little experiment with my new style on a not-quite-full-scale-level. I really want to start using lots of flat colors vs modelling, plus lots of patterns--it's what really attracts me. (NOTE: For any who might care, I did miss a word on accident, it is supposed to read, "We are such stuff As dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep." Whoops! Maybe I will make another someday.)

The concept was based on my thoughts of what we are, what we are capable of, where we are going, how we get there, what kind of drive it takes, etc. A lot of those "new beginning" thoughts and emotions have been my companions for these last few months during this transition from school to real life.


whitney said...

Just my own thoughts:

I love her eyes. (and that quote is one of my favorites) I think you caught a great expression there.

I'm not too fond about the crescent moon behind her head. I'd rather there was a full moon or none at all.

BTW, did you decide not to do plein air fridays?

Shantell said...

I think her face is beautiful, I like how you defined its shape so well with just an outline.

Tiff :o) said...

She's so pretty.

Jayne said...

I really like your style - her expression is perfect. In a way she reminds me of a lady on a Tarot card - not sure why, perhaps it is the rectangular shape! I also love the dress she is wearing, and her hair against the background. Very hard to show that contrast when using dark colours. You managed it beautifully.

Michael Mercer said...

Love ink. Love it! black and white is so bold.

Maria Mercer Adams said...

Thanks everyone for the comments!

@ Whitney: I originally had a full moon behind her head, but I debated about it, as it made her look angelic/holy... but I suppose, looking back, it wouldn't necessarily have been off with the subject matter. Thanks for the feedback!

@ Jayne: I completely agree with you! She does look like she belongs in a Tarot deck. I wonder what she would be called... I am unfamiliar with the tarot cards, though I have seen a lot of images for them. :)