Friday, February 11, 2011

The Search for WondLa = LOVE

If you haven't seen it on the shelves of Barnes & Noble, go find it. It's not only a wonderfully enthralling (and well-written, I might add) tale of alien nations, walking forests, giant telepathic water bears, and dangerous hunters, it is chalk FULL of beautiful illustrations. Dozens of them! Throughout the entire book! A REAL BOOK WITH LOTS OF ILLUSTRATIONS!!! That's how books ought to be. Tony DiTerlizzi, dear man, you outdid yourself on this one. Congratulations! You now have my deepest devotion.

Here is a preview of the main character, Eva Nine.

My one complaint, the story left a couple questions open that I am dying to know the answer to. I don't feel closure. I hope he makes another one to compliment WondLa. It really was a magnificent work of art, on so many levels.

'Kay, now go buy it. Seriously. Now. Right now. DO IT.

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