Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Richard Hull

School is beginning soon and it hit me the other day that I will not be returning to the hallowed halls of the Harris Fine Arts Center. Ever. Again. (Well, as a student). So good bye Brigham Young. I will not miss you, but I will miss the people you put in my way.

One such person is Richard Hull. For all of those who know him, Richard is a truly spectacular BFA adviser and has become a great friend and mentor. I am very grateful for all the classes I got to take with him and the opportunity I have had over the years to get to know him. I will never view food in the same way again, and if I ever become a professor, I will torment my night classes with dreams of delicious cuisine as much as he did. I'm certain he enjoyed it too much.

I hope your last year at BYU is wonderful Richard!!!

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Will Strong said...

I miss it already too.