Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Contest! Who Gets to Win?

OK, so it's not really a contest in the traditional sense where you physically win something, but you get the chance of having the coolest idea! As many of you know, I have recently chosen to postpone my long-sought-after BFA show in lieu of getting married to my wonderful fiance Matt Adams (who blogs about as well as I do, hehe). However, I realized that I am incapable of remembering the last time I drew something for sheer fun. I am so embarrassingly incapable of remembering WHEN the last time I drew for fun was that I don't even remember WHAT I used to draw for fun to begin with! I was hoping for some suggestions... got any?


Michael Mercer said...

um, you draw beautiful women in reclined poses and amazing dresses. But yeah..for fun I'm not so sure because that actually sounds kind of stressful. Maybe you should draw animals??

Shantell said...

Whoa! You updated your blog! So if you haven't drawn something for fun yet here's what I do... Start with a large pair of eyes and go from there. I come up with all sorts of fun monsters that way. Creatures are quick and fun, and you can't mess up!