Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm Not Good with Blogs

I have an issue with blogging, mainly because I have to update it. Now, if they made it easier, say, created a mind blogging tool where you attach a cord to your head and all your thoughts tidily organized themselves into words on the screen, then your image uploaded itself, I'd think I'd do better. Alas, Alas... V-day image coming up. I am going to do better with this blogging thing. Scouts Honor.

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Will Strong said...

I felt the same way about blogging. That's why I held off for so long. I felt like I could never meet demands.

But as it turns out I've kind of embraced it. Blogging actually helps me to be more productive I think. I know that if I haven't posted anything in two weeks it's because I haven't produced anything. Blogging has really helped me to simplify my work so that I can do more of it.

Don't worry about blogging for the whole world. Just blog for your close art friends and who knows, someone else in the world might just take notice.

Just try once every two weeks to get started. Then move up to once a week. It's not that bad really.

Wow, long comment.