Friday, March 28, 2008

The Devil's Three Gold Hairs

This was the piece I did for our class exhibit, which is currently up in the library at school. Our class split up a fairy tale into different parts and each person illustrated a different scene of the fairy tale (we did "The Devil's Three Gold Hairs.") You'd have to read the tale in its entirety to understand it fully, but here is the excerpt I illustrated:

"At last the child of good fortune was able to return home to his wife, who was heartily glad to see him again and to hear how well he had prospered. To the king the youth took the devil’s three golden hairs, and when the king saw the four asses laden with gold his greedy nature was stoked and he said, “Now all the conditions are fulfilled, and you can keep my daughter. But tell me, dear son-in-law, where did all that gold come from - this

is tremendous wealth.” The youth said mischievously, “I was rowed across a river on my way to Hell and got it there, for it lies on the shore at the mouth of Hell instead of sand.” The king clapped his hands eagerly. “Can I

too fetch some of it?” he cried, and he was quite giddy about it. “As much as you like and more,” answered the child of good fortune. “There is a ferryman on the river. If you but let him ferry you over, you can fill

your sacks on the other side.” The greedy king set out in all haste, and when he came to the river he beckoned for the ferryman to come and ferry him to the other side. The ferryman came and bade the king get in. When the king stood at the prow of the boat, the ferryman placed the oar in the king's hand and sprang over the side, laughing gleefully. From that time forth the king became the ferryman for the river to Hell. Perhaps he is ferrying still."

This style is based on Arthur Rackham's work. I wish I had taken more time to emulate Rackham a little better

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