Thursday, February 7, 2008

VA 134, Winter 2008

For want of something else to place on my blog, here are some of the photos I took for my VA 134 class. It's a required class. Though I like taking pictures, I don't believe I will ever take another photography class. It doesn't suit me.

What these photos are: 1) the one with lots of white in it is called a "high key" photo. It just means you have lots of colors close to white in it. 2) the dark one that looks like fungus is a the texture from a copper statue. This is supposed to be a "low key" image. It means it has a lot of colors close to black... this is also not the best example of a low key image. 3) the blue boat is a "panning" photo. It means the subject is moving and the photographer moves with it to accentuate the movement, which means the background gets blurred. 4) This one is of a clerk at the Bookstore (shh--apparently we aren't supposed to take photos in there...who knew??? ;0] ) This is a blurred motion, or something like that. Those blurs in the background are people (it's supposed to look that way. :D)

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Al Domeshek said...

Great stuff. I love you Al