Thursday, February 7, 2008

My final for my 2D class, Fall 2007

My favorite is Somnolence, the green lady. This picture was heavily influenced by Alphonse Mucha--in fact, you might say it's a tribute to him. He's a famous (or perhaps, the most famous) art nouveau artist. She is pictured in BYU's Inscape magazine, "a journal of literature and art." She didn't make it to the front page, sadly. She is on page 18 instead. The blue face was a rhythm project for class. There isn't much rhythm, in my opinion, but it definitely reflected how I felt at the time... which was a little nuts. The third is two paintings of my friend Bruno. he looks like he's in pain, but in actuality he was laughing. They were supposed to be studies of high value paintings (right) and middle value paintings (left). Lastly, the girl in the red jacket was my final project for the class. I ran out of time, so the face, hands, hood, background, and sleeve were all very hurried, which resulted in a terrible image. The part that bothers me the most... well, never mind about it. I spent the most time on that blasted pattern on her jacket (it's very nice btw. It's of a firebird, surrounded by a sun, moon, and star). What did I learn from this experience?


Ask me if I remember this lesson in a month, eh?

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