Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sneak Peak @ the Show (which is still nameless HINT HINT)

To quote a good friend, "While everyone else is graduating this is what I've been doing." The images for my BFA are printed and ready to go, courtesy of acrylic matte medium and my hubbins, who helped in the juggling of thin, wrinkled, and easily destroyed moist paper as I was getting them mounted on illustration board. I was going to show step by step progress, but got too caught up in pealing thick layers of matte medium off my skin to remember (by the end of the night, I even had it in my hair--that wasn't so fun to get out).

And at last, with roughly 20 workable days left till I have to be done, I have finally begun to paint. To stimulate dying brain cells back into semi-working state, I have been listening/watching the history of the English monarchy from the UK series aptly titled "Monarchy." I have made it from Aethelberht of Wessex (I can't remember where we started), to Albert the Great, to Cnut the Great, and am currently up to William the Conqueror, post-Hastings, 1044 AD. I encourage you to watch them, they are quite interesting.

Whilst I paint and delve into my historical nerdiness, I beg of you to pray, friends, and pray hard for me to finish. And come to the show!

Pictures for your perusal:

Blank board, pre-illustration. Check out my gallon of matte medium! That was full when I started.

The final part, after all the hassle of adhering them to the illustration board

This one printed out way too dark, and is going to be reprinted. Here is a brief size comparison to my, albeit, little hand; final image 17.5" x 35"

 Much yellower than it really is, due to tungsten lighting

To see the rest, you have to come to the show. Be there or be square!


Will Strong said...

Looking good. Keep it up.

Tiff :o) said...

They're looking good. Seems like a lot of work! You can do it!

Michael Mercer said...

AWWWWWESOME. Thanks for the comment on my bloggity blog by the way.