Thursday, February 17, 2011

1000 Eyes

I'm rather amazed that people have viewed this site 1000 times as of today. I know there are folks out there who have 10,000 views on their blogs, but it's kind of nice to think, "Huh, well, perhaps some of what I do isn't completely overlooked."

On to projects, the HOPE Project is going slower than I'd like. My computer charger died on Friday as did my computer battery (because the charger wasn't working) and we are waiting to get the new charger in the mail. In the meantime, I have (in)conveniently hi-jacked my husbands MAC and installed the drivers for my WACOM Tablet and the trial version of PS5. Poor man, he'll get it back someday.

My deadline is in 43 days for the illustrations and parent's book. I'm feeling a Bob-the-Builder theme song coming...

1 comment:

Michael Mercer said...

You got this Mimi! I can't wait to see it! Please post something when you get it finished so I can see it! Let me know if I can help! Later!