Friday, January 21, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

All the characters in the book I am illustrating are little animals (equivelant to a 5 year old child or thereabouts). Most of these animals I've been drawing have been able to stand on two legs naturally. Now, however, I am getting into the peculiar ones, like a gazelle, gnu, llama, and yak. How would you recommend illustrating them? Pulling a Disney Robin Hood and making them stand on two legs like humans or make them more realistic? It should be of interest that they will all be wearing clothes, Beatrix Potter style. What to do?



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Michael Mercer said...

I would go with big heads big eyes and big feet. I would use dumbo as a reference. Dumbo wears clothes, but not the same way that humans do. So maybe they could have symbolic hats/collars/capes or even shoes...whatever the costume can be simplified into